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Company Secretary in Singapore

Company Secretary in Singapore

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Bringing order to your documents
documents chaos

We track deadlines, file reports and make sure you don’t have to worry about compliance

Dedicated Secretary

Dedicated Secretary

Corporate Secretary with years of experience who knows your business and drafts your papers

Deadlines Calendar

Deadlines Calendar

We keep track of filing deadlines and your financial year end. They’re our deadlines now, but you can always see them

Resolutions in one place

Resolutions in one place

We store all docs neatly and securely in your account so you never have to go chasing them through piles of papers or email chains again

Choose the plan that works for you

Our Unlimited package covers all event-driven changes, government fees, and annual filings, so no extra charges out of the blue


Good for a small company or a business with a settled


Unlimited Secretary

Perfect for the first year with
many expected changes, or for a larger business


Need more?

We have packages with additional accounting and reporting, plans for dormant companies, and one-off services you may need

Switching your Secretary

your Secretary

For you the transition is seamless. We get in touch with your Secretary, take over the documents, and sign their resignation. Even if they don’t respond, we will carry out the procedure without them.

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Affordable Company Secretary Services: How We Do It

Affordable Company Secretary Services: How We Do It

Our corporate secretaries are certified experts with over 10 years of experience. Their high level expertise is valuable, so their core duty is to resolve complicated issues and attend to the specific needs of your business. Whenever you need detailed advice, they take the time for you and suggest a customised solution to your query. For example, if you need guidance on the company structure, or want to assess the consequences of your decisions, they will be happy to help.

They can do it because robots do the routine company secretary work. They track deadlines automatically, send reminders, and create standard documents. Things like filling in shareholders’ data in regular paperwork take them no time at all and they never make mistakes like humans do. They are always online and can resolve your task neatly even late at night. They also have access to quickly file your reports with the registration bodies. However, the robots process only the typical tasks and turn to human experts whenever the job gets a bit more challenging. Or simply if you prefer to talk to a human.

This approach helps us keep our corporate secretaryship affordable and efficient. Right after your company secretary appointment at Osome, you get the support of both experienced human experts and diligent robots. This helps us offer the best price for Essential Corporate Secretary. And because we can process paperwork faster, we offer Unlimited Corporate Secretary service, too. We can commit to any amount of tasks you might have at a fixed price, so you won’t have to think about the cost of every additional resolution you need.

We know what corporate secretarial services your business needs

Different industries have different needs: you may be constantly changing the shareholder structure, or changing the address, or on the contrary, need the bare minimum and looking to save up. Here’s a short list of industries we help in Singapore.

  • Software Industry

    Corporate Secretary for Software Industry

    The economic rise of Singapore relied heavily on hi-tech products. Over the last 40 years, the country has become a world-renowned technology hub. This atmosphere fosters great ideas.

  • Retail Industry

    Corporate Secretary for Retail Industry

    Offline shops have been in relative decline but Singaporeans aren’t buying less, they just buy online. Out of 5.6 million of Singapore’s population, 3.12 million shop online and 998,000 more users will be doing it by 2021.

  • Real Estate Industry

    Corporate Secretary for Real Estate Industry

    Singapore economy attracts businesses and employees from around the world, so there is a high demand for both residential and commercial estate.

  • Manufacture Industry

    Corporate Secretary for Manufacture Industry

    Singapore is the 4th largest global exporter of high tech products, with manufacturing contributing about 20% to the GDP. Key industry clusters include electronics, chemicals, biomedical sciences, logistics and transport engineering.

  • Insurance Industry

    Corporate Secretary for Insurance Industry

    Singapore is the largest banking and financial network in Southeast Asia. The life insurance market increased by 0.4% in 2019. With financial technology being developed, insurance companies can expand their direct life, general reinsurance, and captive insurance services.

  • Hospitality Industry

    Corporate Secretary for Hospitality Industry

    Domestic tourism is giving a boost to the hospitality industry as locals look for a holiday. The Singapore government has also launched a S$45 million marketing push to help the tourism industry cope with the impact of the pandemic.

  • Healthcare Industry

    Corporate Secretary for Healthcare Industry

    The aging population and emerging medical tourism drive healthcare demand in Singapore. New entrants may gain a considerable market share.

  • Financial Industry

    Corporate Secretary for Financial Industry

    Fintech sector is one of the fastest growing industries. Due to the high concentration of financial institutions, the Singapore market welcomes cryptocurrency, blockchain, and mobile banking projects.

  • Entertainment Industry

    Corporate Secretary for Entertainment Industry

    Singapore’s digital entertainment landscape is growing rapidly. Startups focus on content delivery with more than 7,000 media companies have set up in Singapore.

  • Education Industry

    Corporate Secretary for Education Industry

    Education is valued in Singapore: 54% of parents say they’d get into debt to fund their children’s studies. Also, the whole region craves online education services, which chimes with global trends.

  • E-commerce Industry

    Corporate Secretary for E-commerce Industry

    Singapore’s e-commerce market revenue is expected to grow at 11.2% per year reaching US$5.086 billion by 2021. As locals practice social distance during the pandemic, more are turning to online shopping to avoid crowds.

  • Construction Industry

    Corporate Secretary for Construction Industry

    Over the next three years, total construction demand is expected to be between $27 billion and $32 billion. The public sector is on the rise but there are a lot of private projects to join, too.

  • Travel Industry

    Corporate Secretary for Travel Industry

    In 2017, 17.4 million international tourists visited Singapore. That’s three times more than the entire population of the city-state. All these travelers are craving high-quality services.

  • Recruitment Industry

    Corporate Secretary for Recruitment Industry

    Singapore has a buoyant employment market. Companies turn to HR agencies to find suitable candidates both inside the country and overseas.

  • Shipping Industry

    Corporate Secretary for Shipping Industry

    Singapore is connected to more than 600 ports in over 120 countries. This makes a perfect location for the headquarters of a logistics company.

  • Publishing Industry

    Corporate Secretary for Publishing Industry

    Singaporeans are a nation of prolific readers. The city-state has one of the highest rates of literacy in the world.

  • Food Industry

    Corporate Secretary for Food Industry

    Singaporeans are known for their passionate love for food. National cuisines of other countries are always of high demand: in Singapore, there have been 39 Michelin-starred restaurants since 2018.

Read more about Osome Company Secretary Services

  • Annual return filing

    Annual return — a set of documents that indicate your company’s financial health and status

  • AGM preparation

    Annual general meeting — a compulsory yearly procedure during which a company informs its shareholders about the financial situation and the shareholders issue a resolution of approval

  • Change of company name

    Having picked a new company name, you must validate it in ACRA

  • Change of officers

    You need to report to ACRA if you appoint or fire a director, a company secretary or an auditor

  • Change of corporate address

    If you decide to change your company's registered address

  • Change of business activity

    If you decide to change your company's business activity, ACRA wants to know about it

  • Transfer of shares

    Transfer of shares in a private limited company — a procedure when a shareholder sells all of his shares or some of them to a company or an individual

  • Allotment of shares

    According to Companies Act, Allotment of shares is a procedure of creating and issuing shares, either for new or existing shareholders

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Get an expert to answer within minutes
Get an expert to answer within minutes

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  • All corporate secretary work including two director KYC was set up within 90mins!!

    Stefan Masuhr

    Stefan Masuhr
    Live Simple Pte. Ltd.

  • Osome is the corporate secretary trusted by Plato. We know all’s in good hands with Osome. It gives us peace of mind and allows us to focus on operations and growth.

    Rahemat Begum Kanji

    Rahemat Begum Kanji
    Plato Medical Pte. Ltd.

  • I like that I can just post my questions to chat any time of the day, quite unlike having to remember to call within business hours only. For a startup owner working irregular hours, this helps.

    Lim Sze-Szan Fiona

    Lim Sze-Szan Fiona
    BodyOwn Pte. Ltd.

  • I found Osome on Friday and on Monday morning everything was ready. It was fantastic!

    John Lim

    John Lim
    Artac Pte. Ltd.

  • Everyone is super responsive and nice, and the price is 10 times less than their competitor’s offer!

    Ivan Zeljkovic

    Ivan Zeljkovic
    Evans Media Pte. Ltd.

  • I manage my own two companies via the platform. I've been very satisfied and recommend Osome to all my friends.

    Vlad Shchelkunov

    Vlad Shchelkunov
    BTTR holdings Pte. Ltd.

  • I love the app, it's so easy to use and means I can talk to them at any time, day or night (often night when you have babies!)

    Harriette Foulkes-Arnold

    Harriette Foulkes-Arnold
    We are Contented Pte. Ltd.

  • I ended up signing my documents while I was on the metro! It is impressive how fast and responsive they are!

    Randeep Sudan

    Randeep Sudan
    Multivertz Pte. Ltd.

4.9 out of 60 reviews

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  • Why outsource corporate secretarial services?

    Only really big companies need an in-house Corporate Secretary – there is simply not much to do for the officer in a small one. Unless there are constant changes, the Corporate Secretary is only busy preparing for the AGM and filing the Annual Return once a year. If that is your case, outsource these services just like most of the small and medium companies in Singapore.

  • Can I be a Corporate Secretary myself?

    If you’d like to. First, you need to have all the qualifications of a Corporate Secretary plus 5 years of experience. Second, you have to be a Singapore citizen, or a permanent resident, or an EntrePass holder. Finally, you can’t be both the only director and the Corporate Secretary.

  • Do I need a Corporate Secretary?

    Yes, you do — ACRA requires every Singapore business to hire a Corporate Secretary within the first 6 months after the incorporation and later this position can’t be vacant for more than 6 months. Your Corporate Secretary has to be a Singapore resident. You can outsource this service to an agency like us.

  • I don’t understand what is required of my company.

    First, Corporate Secretary tracks changes in your company and reports to ACRA. Whenever you change directors, auditors, secretaries, shareholders, your share capital or the company name they send a notice. Then there are several registers they have to maintain, like the Register of Company Charges or the Register of Controllers. They are in charge of preparing and recording board minutes and annual general meetings, as well as dealing with the official correspondence and the insurance.

  • What if I already have a corporate secretary? It is probably hard to switch, right?

    At Osome, we make the transfer easy. We take over all the documents and registers from your current provider, process the necessary paperwork, and make sure the outgoing Secretary signs the papers. If the former officer doesn’t respond, we will carry out the procedure without him/her. Either way, for you the transition is seamless.

  • Got more questions?

  • What if my Corporate Secretary resigns?

    At Osome, we protect you from the hassle of changing Corporate Secretaries. You get two experts assigned to your company: one in charge and another one to back him up. If your dedicated Secretary takes a vacation, gets sick, or resigns, the second one takes over instantly and smoothly.

  • Who is responsible for my papers?

    We take care of all the necessary documents: prepare standard papers for AGMs, process annual returns, support changes in your company with resolutions and update the necessary registers. We only need you to update us when the change has happened so we can start the flow and send you the documents ready for e-sign.

  • What if I need a lot of documents?

    Often a business requires a lot of changes, especially if you’re just figuring out your company structure or going through a transformation period. Paying for each resolution would be costly, so we came up with a subscription plan. For S$300 a year, you can upgrade to Unlimited Corporate Secretary. This package includes all and any resolutions you might need, so no more extra charges.

  • What if my documents are a mess?

    If you feel like your paperwork right now is out of shape, that’s ok: it’s our job to make sure everything is in order. Once you switch to Osome, we guarantee that each document gets stored in a relevant folder easy for you to retrieve and share. No more digging papers out of messy email threads or clogged databases.

  • Is there a risk of getting fined?

    ACRA fines companies that miss filing deadlines or make mistakes in the documents. We’ve automated standard processes to manage these risks: the AI updates deadlines and fills out forms, so you don’t have to worry about human errors.

  • Got more questions?

  • What business entities can use Osome?

    Osome serves all kinds of businesses registered in Singapore: private limited companies, general, limited, and limited liability partnerships. If you have a Sole Proprietorship and want to switch, we’ll help you with the process. We work with all industries, including the businesses that need licensing.

  • Will I need someone in-house or is Osome enough?

    Osome certified Corporate Secretaries are self-sufficient. They track deadlines and set tasks to themselves, ensuring your compliance with the law. Osome does both: produces documents and files them to the government bodies, so zero support from your staff is needed.

  • Will I have to do anything myself?

    You need to let us know when you’ve initiated changes in your company: got a new registered address, replaced directors, officers or shareholders or decided you want a new name for the company. Just send us a message in the chat — we’ll prepare the documents, send them to you and you sign them electronically with a tap of your finger.

  • How do Osome customers communicate with their Osome agents?

    The go-to option is our in-app chat. It’s faster than emails and you can ask questions on the go. You can also use the web version of the service. However, our communication does not have to be just that — we can arrange calls or meet up if that’s more convenient for you.

  • In what form should I submit my data?

    Send us your records in whichever format you have them. Drop your files in our app, store them in a cloud or e-mail to our experts — we’ll take care of the rest.

  • Got more questions?

  • What is Company Secretary?

    The corporate secretary is an officer every Singapore company must have. Their job is to make sure company paperwork is in order, on time, and in compliance with the law. This critical role requires various certifications and involves a lot of responsibility.

  • Who can be a Company Secretary? Can I become the Corporate Secretary myself?

    If you like. First, you need to have all the qualifications of a Corporate Secretary plus 5 years of experience. Second, you have to be a Singapore citizen, or a permanent resident, or an EntrePass holder. Finally, you can’t be both the only director and the Corporate Secretary.

  • Is Company Secretary a director?

    No, these are two different roles in the company. Your Corporate Secretary does not receive the director status. However, if the same person wants to be both, Singapore law allows it. In this case, there must be other directors — a single director can’t be a Corporate Secretary, too.

  • Is Company Secretary an employee?

    You can hire a Corporate Secretary as your employee or outsource this service. Often a company does not have enough secretarial tasks for a full in-house job. When you entrust this role to Osome, you don’t have to pay a salary and associated taxes. The expense is limited to the package you choose.

  • What are company secretary duties and functions?

    Company secretary duties and functions are to take care of all the necessary documents required by law. For example, issuing company resolutions, managing regulatory filings and maintaining company books. It is their job to process every decision and every change your business goes through and report to ACRA accordingly.

  • Why outsource corporate secretarial services?

    Only really big companies need an in-house corporate secretary – because in a small one the officer simply does not have much to do. Unless there are constant changes to the company’s top management, constitution, business activities, and shareholders, the corporate secretary only is only busy preparing for the Annual General Meeting and filing the Annual Return once a year. If that is your case, you can follow the example of most small and medium-sized companies in Singapore and outsource the secretary.

  • What documents does a Corporate Secretary prepare?

    First, a Corporate Secretary tracks changes in your company and reports to ACRA. Whenever you change directors, auditors, secretaries, shareholders, your share capital or the company name they send a notice. Then there are several registers they have to maintain, like the Register of Company Charges or the Register of Controllers. They are in charge of preparing and recording board minutes and annual general meetings, official correspondence and insurance.

  • Got more questions?

It takes 3 minutes to get your paperwork in order

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