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⚡ Find the list of SSIC codes approved by government to reopen in Singapore as of June 2nd here

In Singapore, Standard Industrial Classification (SSIC) codes indicate what your company does and in what field. The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) demands that businesses submit the SSIC code when incorporating.

Use our free SSIC Search (2015, updated 2018 version) to find the code corresponding to your business activity.

Top suggestions:

  • 46900

    Wholesale trade of a variety of goods without a dominant product

  • 47910

    Retail sale via internet (with income mainly from online sales)

  • 62019

    Development of other software and programming activities n.e.c.

  • 64202

    Other holding companies

  • 70201

    Management consultancy services (general)

  • 70209

    Management consultancy services n.e.c.

  • 73100

    Advertising activities

  • 85491

    Corporate training services and motivational course providers

  • 62090

    Other information technology and computer service activities

  • 63120

    Web portals


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    • What does SSIC mean?

      Singapore Standard Industrial Classification is a list of all business activity types.

    • What is ACRA Singapore?

      It’s a ministry that registers and oversees businesses in Singapore. Its full name is “Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority”. Companies file regular reports with it.

    • How many SSIC codes can a company have?

      At least one and no more than two. A primary code is a must, a secondary one is optional.

    • How do I change an SSIC code?

      You can change it any time after the incorporation. To do that, ask your corporate secretary to file an application to ACRA.

    • Why do I need to report about my business activity type?

      The government needs to know what businesses are present in the country to pursue adequate policies. With the help of these codes, the state collects the information and analyzes the overall data to be aware of the trends. This is why you have to submit the SSIC code to ACRA when incorporating.

    • Where to find a full SSIC codes list?

      The latest version is published on the official website of the Department of Statistics.

    • Can the incorporation be delayed because of the code I chose?

      Actually, yes, it might be. There are codes that refer to the types of business regulated by separate government authorities, so ACRA will send your documents there for review. This may take up to two months, so plan ahead. You can find some of these codes on ACRA’s website, but the list is non-exhaustive.

    • E27
    • Entrepreneur
    • foundr
    • Tech in Asia
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